Bodegas Viña Marichalar


Bodegas Viña Marichalar
Located in Azagra, it is the first winery that the family Fernández de Manzanos owned in Rioja appellation. It was built when the apellation was founded.

They started selling bulk wine until the family decided to distribute bottled wine, due to the changes of the market.

The brand Viña Marichalar comes from the name of the vineyards which were bought to the Marichalar family. This was an aristocratic family coming from Navarra, which was close related to the Spanish Monarchy. They were very well-known in Spain. Nowadays this winery is still being used; it has also been remodelled in order to gain capacity to elaborate and store wine.



ADDRESS: Calle Navas de Tolosa, 83 – 31560 – Azagra (Navarra)
TELEPHONE:  (+34) 948 692 500
FAX:   (+34) 948 692 700

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