Bodegas Mosen Pierre

Bodegas Mosen Pierre
Mosen Pierre is a winery that belongs to Wines from Spain, which was built in Azagra, close to Bodegas Manzanos. The wines without appellation are elaborated and bottled there. Also, wines coming from other appellations are bottled there as well, as the machinery of this winery is certified to do so.

It is a new building that has new deposits and a new bottling machine in order to guarantee the best quality and the best service. Manzanos looks for distinction in its wide range of products, and is able to adapt to the needs of clients coming from every corner of the world.



ADDRESS: CTRA. NA.134 KM.49 – 31560 – Azagra (Navarra)
TELEPHONE:  (+34) 948 692 500
FAX:   (+34) 948 692 700

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