Bodegas Monte Ory


Bodegas Monte Ory

Back in the sixties, Luis Gurpegui Muga feels the need of buying a winery to elaborate wines from appellation Navarra. He bought in the town of Villafranca an old winery that was later remodelled for this purpose.

The winery was named after the mountain Ori, one of 200 meters high which is placed in the most western part of the Pyrenees. It is said that it is a mysterious mount, taking into account its importance inside the basque mythology. It is said that the goddess of nature, Mari, and the lord of the forest, Basajun, lived there.



ADDRESS: Carretera Pamplona, S/N – 31330 – Villafranca (Navarra)
TELEPHONE:  (+34) 948 692 500
FAX:   (+34) 948 692 700

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