Bodegas Marqués de Butrago

Bodegas Marqués de Butrago
The family Fernández de Manzanos started working in the wine world in Azagra, a place where they built three wineries, which are still being used and have been redone.

The growth of the business made necessary to increase the production, therefore they built Bodegas Marqués de Butrago in Aldeanueva de Ebro (La Rioja). This winery takes its name because the vineyards belonged to a marqués in the Butrago municipality and the family bought them in 1937.

Nowadays, Crianza and Reserva wines are elaborated in this winery with the classic Rioja Style. Furthermore, the brand Marqués de Butrago has become one of the best sellers of Manzanos, thanks to its simple and traditional design. Its classic style has also helped to make a good reputation in the market as a wine that can be drunk every day.



ADDRESS: Avda. Gonzalo de Berceo N51 – 26559 – Aldeanueva de Ebro (La Rioja)
TELEPHONE:  (+34) 948 692 500
FAX:   (+34) 948 692 700

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