Bodegas Castillo de Enériz


Bodegas Castillo de Éneriz
Located in Enériz, a village close to Pamplona, it is where the wines in the appellation Navarra are elaborated. This winery is a modern construction which has cutting-edge technology.

It was bought in 2014 in order to elaborate the grapes coming from vineyards in appellation Navarra, owned by the family in the village of Cárcar. These grapes make a difference because of their top quality. One of the reasons that pushed Manzanos Wines to purchase this winery is the fact of being a new winery that has enough space to increase capacity to elaborate and bottle.

The hectares of vineyards located in the village of Cárcar correspond to five different varieties, which are placed on a sunny plateau. Furthermore, all of them have irrigation system. This is a technique very used by Manzanos in all its vineyards, so that each bunch of grapes receives the same amount of sunlight and water. This enables the vineyards to be healthy.



ADDRESS: Ctra. Campanas Puente La Reina, Km 7,4 – 31553 – Enériz (Navarra)
TELEPHONE:  (+34) 948 692 500
FAX:   (+34) 948 692 700

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