Bodegas Berceo


Bodegas Berceo

Bodegas Berceo was founded in 1801. It is the oldest winery of the city of Haro, the heart of Rioja appellation. Also, it is the only winery of that time with a vertical design that is still in use.

The winery is placed in the underground galleries of the old castle of Haro, that dates back to the middle ages. Regarding the wine making process, it is based on the traditional European experience and also in the techniques of the new world. The combination of both and the decision of our technical team make these wine´s personality.

The name of the winery is related to the history and the culture of our country. It was named after Gonzalo de Berceo, a monk and poet of the XIII century who lived in Suso Monastery (La Rioja). He is considered the father of Spanish language, and because of this the Monastery appears in Bodegas Berceo labels.


ADDRESS: Calle de las Cuevas, 32 – 26200 – Haro (La Rioja)
TELEPHONE:  (+34) 948 692 500
FAX:   (+34) 948 692 700

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