The memory of an unforgettable wine experience

Wine tourism is much more than just visiting a winery and tasting their wines, it consists of discovering a tradition rooted in our culture, a way of life transmitted from parents to children that, in Rioja reaches its maximum expression, under the umbrella of a Qualified Designation of Origin that has watched over the quality of its wines, until making them known worldwide. This activity is aimed at all types of groups, couples, families, specialized groups…

Manzanos Wines has a Wine and Events Department prepared to receive, illustrate and make our visitors participants in all the work that involves the elaboration of our wines, from the cultivation of the vineyards and work on the vines throughout the Annual growth cycle, going through the different stages of vinification of each wine until it is released to market.

We offer different types of guided tours, trips to vineyards, wine tastings, courses, and personalized activities designed to ensure the client leaves our winery with the memory of an unforgettable wine experience.

Wine Tourism - Bodegas Manzanos

Bodegas Manzanos

From the first moment, Bodegas Manzanos has been designed as an open space to visitors and to the organization of events, with the main objective of spreading the Rioja wine culture.


Bodegas Berceo

The wine tourism offer of Bodegas Berceo makes it possible to visit and get to know the winery, which is the first vertically designed winery and the oldest in Spain. Bodegas Manzanos is the homonymous of Bodegas Berceo in modern architecture. Furthermore, visitors will learn why it is named this way as well as the history of the winery.

Wine Tourism - Bodegas Berceo