Wine Therapy: Wine Benefits not Always Come in a Glass

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The interest wine culture has raised in the last years is not only limited to wine tasting and pairing but also therapy.

Historically, people have been advised to consume wine in moderation as it’s benefitial for our health. Nowadays, this has gone further with the development of wine therapy. This is the name that the treatments that use the properties of the grape with medical or personal care purposes takes. Among the aims of wine theraphy are the improvement of blood circulation and skin reafirmation. What is new about this therapy is the way it’s applied as the classical wine glass is not necessary anymore. Its application can be done in wine baths, massages with lotion, pills and creams.

Yet this therapy is not new. On the one hand, it’s said that it comes from Roman times, when women used the seeds and skins of the grape to avoid wrinkles. On the other hand, it was Louis XV, king of France and Navarre in the XVIIth century who applied skin masks made out of wine to his wives with the purpose of getting their skins healthy and hydrated. However, wine therapy as we know it nowadays comes from Bordeaux where Matilde Cathiard y Bertrand Thomas openened a new centre with wine as therapeutical mean. This has given birth to the raise of new wine therapy centers in those countries with a bigger wine culture such as Italy or Spain.

Not all wines can be used in this therapeutic technique. The most used ones are Rioja wines  for health and cosmetic treatments, Lambrusco for lotions, and Merlot varieties for exfoliation techniques. Although most wine lovers would rather discover the secrets of wine making and tasting in their wine tourism experiences, little by little some wineries are offering wine therapy in their offer.


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