10 Ways to Recycle a Barrel After it Leaves the Winery

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Barrel, cask, hogshead… They can be named in several ways but their lifespan in a winery is not very long. In order to age a wine, a barrel should be used not more than five years. The sixth year it stops providing the wine those properties that the winemaker is looking for. Many people who visit a winery wonder the same after they learn for how a barrel is useful for the ageing of wine: ‘So what happens afterwards?’ Barrels are recycled even though they are not used for wine making anymore since respecting the environment is our responsibility.

Under this premise, in the last years several ideas have come out for the using of barrels as a decorative element. Today we offer a list with the best ways to recycle barrels, from the easiest ones to the most ingenious ones.

1. From barrel to table. This is the most common way of recycling a barrel. Its surface is big enough to turn it into a table in which you can enjoy an appetizer standing. Also, if used horizontally it can be the central element of a living room or a side table in a bedroom.

2. From barrel to sink
. This is an original and elegant way to decorate your bathroom. Whether as a sink or as a bathtub the use of the barrel in a bathroom is a bold vet which never disappoints.

3. From barrel to bottle rack. What a better way to rest the wine than in its original container? This proposal not only brings wine back to its origin but also provides an attractive piece of furniture for the bottles.

4. From barrel to plant pot. With half a cask you can make a pot for your garden in which to place our preferred flowers providing the garden a very nice colour touch.

5. From barrel to bucket. You will only need half a barrel and a support. That way you can elaborate a creative recipient where we can storage and maintain your drinks cold during big celebrations.

6. From barrel to furniture. If you are into DIY you can make those elements that will give live to your summer terrace such as chairs, sofas, tables. Your neighbors will love it.

7. From barrel to stove. A night next to the fire with a glass of good wine… There are not many plans more appealing than this. For this reason, one of the ideas that we propose is to make a fire stove from a barrel.

8. From barrel to pet house. Isn’t it said that they are the best companion? Why don’t we reward them with what they really deserve: a house where they can rest. Thanks to the insulating effect of the barrel, our pets will we able to peacefully rest  during the evening at  the garden.

9. From barrel to decorative lamp. If also taking some bottles as light bulbs we can create the most unique lamp in our living room. This way we will create a very  cozy and elegant atmosphere.

10. From barrel to battery. A proposal for music lovers. We can’t guarantee the sound quality but it’s definitely a very creative element.

There is no doubt about the multiple possibilities that wooden casks have. So if you are a wine lover and you are quite crafty, add this element to your home decoration!


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