Place Your Nice Bottle Rack in the Right Place

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In order to preserve the properties of your wine collection you need to place your bottle rack in the right place.
When visiting a furniture store probably you have found nice design bottle racks to storage your wine collection and to decorate your living room.However, no matter how nice your new bottle rack looks, it is indispensable to know how to take care of wine bottles. Only that way it will be in perfect conditions when you consume them.

Sometimes, either due to lack of knowledge or just for aesthetical reasons, bottle racks are put in places that affect wine negatively. No matter how nice it looks, the conversation of this precious drink should stand.  Here we propose some advices to choose the correct space for your bottle rack:

Temperature between 12 and 16 degrees
This is a fundamental factor so as to maintain the properties of wine. The place where wines are resting should be in between 12 or 16º Celsius. At this temperature wine continues developing its aroma and taste. Wine would lose life if you keep it in lower or higher temperatures.

Uninterrupted ventilation
The best way to mantain your bottles is by locating the rack in a place where air is circulating. Do not ever leave them in a closed drawer. Otherwise they will get moldy.

Bottles need to be placed in a calm space
One of the clearest examples of a wrong placement is leaving your wines in the kitchen. Bottles need to be resting and in the kitchen there are lots of vibrations and movements that come from the household appliances. Furthermore, in the kitchens there are lots of changes of temperature and undesirable aromas that are very damaging for the wine.

Never storage your bottle in vertical position
It is not a coinsidence that wines are always presented in a horizontal way. There are several reasons that explain this. First of all the cork needs to be in contact with the liquid so has not to shrink and dry. Secondly, bottles should be kept leaving space between each other so we don’t move the other and they don’t touch in between each other. Therefore, the dimensions of the bottle rack need to be quite big.


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