With Earth, Water, Air and Fire we obtain the 5th element of nature as a result: Wine



The difference that the soil makes in the crops has marked our history, our towns, their establishment and their wealth



The most important step and the one that combines the four elements to create the fifth one, the everything, the unit, the completeness: Wine



Air is the wind, the atmosphere, the oxygen. Air is what we breathe: us and our grapes. The wind caresses and sways them while allowing them to see the clouds and feel the rain, removes their leaves for the sun to tan them, provides air for them so they do not fall ill and gives them oxygen so their leaves can begin photosynthesis. But we too breathe and are an important part of this union of the elements. The human team that supports us and provides the know-how to combine the elements and create a new one. We breathe while we live, while we think, and while the things that we care about are happening, the ones that are worth telling, the ones that we cannot let go, the opportunities that make a difference in our lives. This is what we want to share with you, our air, our life and everything that occurs in it. That is why we created this section, so you too can learn about our core.

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Water represents our history, the history that we are telling you in these pages, that moves forward like life itself and that builds, with a lot of work, our know-how of the last 130 years that we have been making history

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